Paolo Conte: The Stars of Jazz in the Night of Fascism

Paolo Conte, Festival da Jazz, Pontresina, 28 July 2017

Paolo Conte was affected by jazz when this style of music was banned by the fascist regime. This experience has shaped the Cantautore, who will perform at the Festival da Jazz on 28 July 2017 (original article in German, published in NZZ, 27 July 2017. Copyright photo: Matthias Heyde,

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«Take 5» or How Jazz Can Guide Your Career

“OhDave Brubeck, this must be us!” it sounded friendly toward me when I received an older couple at Zurich Airport. At a young age, I had the fortune to serve as a working student for a Swiss Jazz concert agency. Continue reading

«It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)!»

IMG_3812Bereits zum 7. Mal läuft das Festival da Jazz, das höchstgelegene Jazz Festival Europas, auf vollen Touren: Dessen Spiritus rector, Christian Jott Jenny, und seine Crew haben es erneut geschafft, alles, was im Jazz Rang und Namen hat, nach St. Moritz zu bringen: Continue reading

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