Back to «New Normal»: Facing the Intrinsic Roots of Learning

«Song for Abdullah» (Kenny Barron), originally released in 1985 on the Album «Scratch».

Now that the light at the end of the COVID 19 tunnel is beginning to shine, the question remains as to how companies will adapt to the «New Normal». It has been shown that remote or flex work turns out to rule particularly well when all employees are aware of the purpose of the company and actively implement it in their daily work. Nevertheless, «Purpose» should not be confused with individual willingness to actively engage. As Friedrich Nietzsche already knew, the individual is highly dependent on his personal intrinic motivation:

«He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.» (Friedrich Nietzsche)

However, the implementation of the «New Normal» will be the litmus test of every orginization which declares itself as «agile» or «purpose driven». Platforms and ecosystems turn out to be the key drivers of business strategies in this decade. And one thing is already certain: There is no way back to hierarchical inflexibility!

For this reason, I am also involved as an expert with Intrinsic Campus, which is a prototype that contributes to the debate on the education of the future and calls for a radical paradigm shift in educational culture. After all, the core of a society’s innovative power lies in its education system. If we manage to maintain the child’s original curiosity throughout the school and work bioprahie, we create the crucial prerequisite for setting sustainable value creation processes in motion.

In my case, music is the source of inspiration and true intrinsic motivation. As Duke Ellington already knew: «It Don’t Mean a Thing (if it ain’t got that Swing)!»

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