«From Competition to Compassion»: What connects Led Zeppelin with Digital Learning 4.0


INPUT: The Initial Situation

Until a few years ago, learning processes were practically exclusively aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills through accumulation, especially in music, shown by great bands like Led Zeppelin. Knowledge was essentially based on an inductive experiential and personal reflection competence, as Goethe already knew in “Wilhelm Meister’s Lehrjahre”: Continue reading

Grab the Learning Cake: «Lynda’s Apple Pie!»

Lindas ApplepieWie neulich bekannt wurde, will das Karriere-Netzwerk LinkedIn für 1,5 Milliarden USD die seit 1995 existierende Schulungsplattform Lynda.com übernehmen. Eine spannende Entwicklung: Werden die Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) die bestehenden Business-Netzwerke in lebenslange Lernplattformen verwandeln? Continue reading