«Time-Span» and the «Midlife Crisis» of Organizations


Have you ever heard of Elliott Jaques? If you haven’t, don’t worry, because hardly anyone knows him. But for sure, you know the term «Midlife Crisis», don’t you? Guess now, who has coined the phrase? Bingo!
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«From Competition to Compassion»: What connects Led Zeppelin with Digital Learning 4.0


INPUT: The Initial Situation

Until a few years ago, learning processes were practically exclusively aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills through accumulation, especially in music, shown by great bands like Led Zeppelin. Knowledge was essentially based on an inductive experiential and personal reflection competence, as Goethe already knew in “Wilhelm Meister’s Lehrjahre”: Continue reading

Hieronymus Bosch or the «Seven Deadly Sins» in Career Planning

Hieronymus_Bosch-_The_Seven_Deadly_Sins_and_the_Four_Last_ThingsLet’s jump into the Early Modern Times, the end of the late Middle Ages. In this time of change fall the discovery of the New World (1492), the gradual emergence of nation states or the appearance of new economic systems (e.g. banking in Italy, or the Fugger family in Germany). Around 1450, the Dutch Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch is born. Continue reading

The Big Question: «What Strings Do You Use?»

itmightgetloud„It Might Get Loud“ is a documentary film by American filmmaker Davis Guggenheim and was released in 2009. It explores the styles of guitar rock icons such as Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), The Edge (U2), and Jack White (White Stripes). Continue reading

«Take 5» or How Jazz Can Guide Your Career

“OhDave Brubeck, this must be us!” it sounded friendly toward me when I received an older couple at Zurich Airport. At a young age, I had the fortune to serve as a working student for a Swiss Jazz concert agency. Continue reading

«Richtung 2000 – Vorschau auf die Welt von Morgen»

2000«Mitunter, während Herr B. in seiner Glaskabine dahinrollt, hat er ein bisschen Sehnsucht nach der alten Zeit. Da dauerte der Weg zwar länger, aber man ging durch dicht bevölkerte Strassen, sah andere Gesichter und hörte fremde Stimmen. Continue reading

«Learn to Fly» or Organizational Design revisited

The viral smasslide_2h of www.rockin1000.com is incredible. According to the latest YouTube stats, more than 26 million people have seen this outstanding video up to now: A bunch of 1’000 vocalists, guitar players, bassists, and drummers (yes, they belong to the species of musicians, too) are slamming the Foo Fighters all time favourite “Learn to Fly”. Continue reading

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