«Learn to Fly» or Organizational Design revisited

The viral smasslide_2h of www.rockin1000.com is incredible. According to the latest YouTube stats, more than 26 million people have seen this outstanding video up to now: A bunch of 1’000 vocalists, guitar players, bassists, and drummers (yes, they belong to the species of musicians, too) are slamming the Foo Fighters all time favourite “Learn to Fly”.
Source: http://rockin1000.myshopify.com/

What can Organizational Specialist learn from this event? Five takeaways to consider, according to the official diary of Rockin’ 100:

1) Desire

The idea pops out to bring in the Foo Fighter to the City of Cesena since they haven’t come back since 1997 (also known as the Digital Stone Age: No YouTube, Social Media, etc). In other words, the “D” of “AIDA” comes first and Giuseppe Verdi’s concept was put upside down.

2) Curiosity

After having created the core team, the approach with viral tools including “deliberately using unclear messages” on Social Media platforms increases the curiosity of mutual supporters: “What the heck are they doing? Let’s touch base with Rockin’1000!”

3) Connectivity

Halfway through their Crowdfunding campaign, Rockin’1000 organized a fundraiser party, where the virtual supporters got to know each other face to face: getting in touch was key, because there is no “Money for Nothing”, due to the Dire Straits.

4) Strategy

Winning and streamlining the 1000 musicians seemed to be the crucial part: The core team was totally engaged to get all the musicians ready, including separate video tutorials for vocalists, guitarists and bass players (Of course, drummers were not trained due to a mutual lack of understanding … sorry, folks!).

5) Passion

The final event took place at the end of July, 2015. The video was out on July, 30, and become a worldwide success with more than 10 million views. One day later, Dave Grohl (Founder of the Foo Fighters and former member of Kurt Cobain’s “Nirvana”) was convinced to come and play again in Cesena …

-> Desire, Curiosity, Connectivity, Strategy, and P_A_S_S_I_O_N

Do you use this ingredients while you plan your organizational interventions? If not, watch the Foo Fighters live at Cesena on November 3, 2015, to get some inspiration: “Learn to Fly!”

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